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When I am knitting or sewing, I generally have several projects going on at the same time. I think, as crafters, most of us do. It’s stimulating to be working on different projects. Some are easy, some more complicated. Some are more or less portable. It’s nice to have choices. I do find it stressful at times though. My kids will see me working and say, “You’re still doing that? You haven’t finished yet?” Having too many “irons in the fire” can give you the feeling that you’re not advancing. That’s why it’s encouraging, on a day like today, to actually finish a project!

My second daughter doesn’t particularly care for “hand-made” and has never wanted me to knit for her. She is however a blanket baby, so I was only a little surprised this winter when she asked me to knit a blanket for her. I didn’t have to think before saying I would be thrilled. She picked the pattern and the yarn and I got started. That was in March! But the important thing is I finished it and she is very happy. Not happy enough to appear here, but the blanket and the cat didn’t mind!

It is made from Artyarns hand painted merino – ultrabulky in color 168 on size 13 needles. It’s an easy four row repeat and does knit up quickly. You can find the pattern here.

Hmm, which project should I start  finish next??


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