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In my welcoming blog post last week, I announced a new Knit-a-Square challenge. I’m asking you, your family, friends and co-workers to help me raise 100 red and white hats and 700 squares by October 1st. And you have already responded!

I received a box from Maggie with 45 gorgeous squares and 6 pairs of socks. Look at the amazing creations. Isn’t the lion adorable?!

Thank you so much, Maggie!!

I made one square from hand dyed, hand spun Shetland wool made by a lovely woman in Edinburg. Her Etsy shop is called Little Theorem.

I also made one red and white hat for Kareemah’s kids.

So, one week into our challenge and we have 46 squares, 6 pairs of socks and 1 hat. Fantastic!!

Now, I know that most of you reading this are like me, living in the northern hemisphere. We just marked the beginning of summer and here in Canada we have been having a heat wave. I have to remind you that in South Africa the situation is the opposite. Winter has just begun in South Africa and they are expecting it to be quite harsh. I know that when we think of Africa we imagine the Sahara and lions on the plain, but that is only part of Africa. South African winters are cold, rainy and snowy, with freezing temperatures at night.  I have made the point before that children need blankets for security, not just warmth. In the case of our aids orphans they need both!

So please join us! Squares are the main focus of KAS because they are easy for us to make and inexpensive to send, but other items are welcome: hats, socks, sweaters, underwear, stuffed toys, pencils, paper and more. See the details here.

Thank you so much and don’t forget to “Like” the KAS Facebook page!


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